Carved Wood, High Density Urethane & PVC

Carved Signs unmistakably convey professionalism and excellence. Custom designed and crafted with the highest quality materials. Our designs and the top quality paints we use are what set us apart from the average sign shop. . 2020

Wood Signs NJ

Carved Sign Prices NJ

Carving Options

Wood Sign Shop near me NJBloomingdale FD - V-Carved | Gold Aqua Leaf | Black Shadow

Wood Carved Sign Shop near me 

Kinnelon Police | V-Carved

Carved Signs NJ

Bergen Center | V-Carved | Gold Aqua Leaf

Wood Carved Sign Bergen County

V-Carved | Aqua Leaf Gold

Wood Sign Maker NJ aloha 

Dentist Sign | Relief Carved - Raised lettered Sign

Wood Carved Signs NJ

Chestnut Street | V-Carved

Wood Carved Signs Bergen County NJ 

PVC Material | 3 Dimensional | V-Carved | Real 24kt gold lettering

Carved Signs Wayne NJ 

V-Carved | Aqua Leaf Gold

Carved Signs Bergen County NJ

The Circle Restaurant 2 piece | V-Carved - Aqua Leaf Gold

Wood Carved Signs Sussex County

Townhouse Deep V-Carved | Aqua Leaf Gold

Carved Signs Central NJ

Luster Board Signs

LusterBoard / Very durable less expensive alternative to carved.

LusterBoard is double sided, baked aluminum with 1/2 inch marine grade plywood in between. We seal the edges, as well as cover them with plastic end caps to protect against the elements. 2020
This material can be custom cut into any shape for a classic and elegant look.

Wood Signs

Business Signs

Wood Carved Signs NJ

1 inch PVC

These 3 dimensional signs were CNC routed, sprayed blue with high performance auto paint, hand lettered gold trim, real 24kt gold lettering and high performance vinyl. Extremely durable.



Towns and areas we have serviced.

Wood Carved Signs in Northern NJ

Wood Carved Signs in Bergen County NJ

Wood Carved Sign Shop near me

Wood Carved Signs in Bloomindale, NJ

Wood Carved Signs in Butler, NJ

Wood Carved Signs in Kinnelon, NJ

Wood Carved Signs in Vernon, NJ

Wood Carved Signs in Sussex County NJ

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3D High Density Urethane

High Density Urethane makes for a great sign substrate. Will not split, warp or be subject to insect infestation.

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